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 Ignite! MinnMATYC

“What is ‘Ignite!’” you ask?

Well, according to ,

Imagine that you’re in front of an audience made up of your friends, family, and people from your community, about to present a 5-minute talk on the thing you’re most passionate about. You’ve brought 20 slides, which advance every 15 seconds whether you’re ready or not. You have a few last-minute butterflies, but off you go—and the crowd loves it. Welcome to Ignite.

We’re looking for a few folks who are willing to give 5-minute presentations on some aspect of teaching or mathematics about which they are passionate.

Do you have a particular topic that you get excited about teaching?

Is there a new thing that you tried in your classroom that worked really well?  (Or failed miserably?)

Can you talk for 5 minutes about the one part of your job that you enjoy most?

If you are interested in presenting, sign up by clicking the link here:

Technical assistance for creating or formatting your PowerPoint presentation will be provided!

Contact Nicole Lang for more information.